Friday, March 18, 2011

Impulsively Mean

I guess "mean" is probably the wrong term to use... maybe "not nice", "bad behavior", or (my fave) "snarky" would be better.

Sometimes I do bad things. Usually they are completely impulsive. I don't have malicious intent, but I still do it. The "things" to which I am referring would not cause anyone else to pause and consider. But I was cursed/blessed (depends on your p.o.v.) with a guilty conscience.

I could never lie. Have never really been able to get away with it. In high school I tried lying to my parents. It was futile. Whatever I would say, my mother would respond with, "Hmmm... You have lying eyes Min." EVERY SINGLE TIME. (I pray that I can do that to Rea in 10 years) So, after a while, I stopped trying. Generally speaking, I am an honest person. Sometimes painfully. Shane has told me before that he wishes sometimes that I didn't have to be so truthful... But I think, if you don't want the answer buddy, don't ask the question.

Anyway, my truthfulness seems to have morphed into a sick sense of required confession to my super-close loved ones. Even if they have no idea a wrong has occurred. I think it stems from my fierce loyalty issues.

Proof #1:

I am going to make this short: I listened to and deleted a message left for a family member from someone I cannot stomach. Neither party knew about my sneak attack. And no one probably would have... until I confessed to five people!! FIVE! All five people thought it was funny. I fancy myself the villain but am clearly not.

Proof #2:

My family. How should I describe them? Nuts. Always laughing. Constantly poking fun at each other and everyone else. Burlesque at times. Yes, my family is the group of people in the ER waiting room laughing uncontrollably.

Again we were at my mom's house for dinner last week (seems a lot happens there). Anyway, I noticed this fabulous cookbook magazine on the desk in the kitchen. After flipping through a few pages, I knew I had to have it. At least for a little while.

Almost as if she read my mind, Mom said, "You can't have that. I bought it for Steph." I scoffed. Dad chuckled. I continued to flip through the pages. When Mom left the room, I put it in my bag. Dad saw me. I promised to bring it back when I copy all of the recipes out of it.

I don't think Mom has noticed because she hasn't said anything to me.

I made one of the recipes last night. Pizza Mac & Cheese (really, why wouldn't I steal this book??). It was AMAZING!!

But here's my need to confess. As I reheated some of it for lunch a few minutes ago, I felt a twinge of guilt for depriving my baby sister the joy of tasting this AMAZING meal. Sorry Steph.

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