Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rea's Birthday Dinner

This year we skipped a traditional birthday party with friends and opted for a family dinner instead. The birthday girl seemed to really enjoy herself.

Rea is giving me a goofy smile next to the horse cake she requested Grammie make. 

Rea puts the finishing touch on her backup cake. 

Buddy enjoys some yogurt before dinner.

Buddy completely ignores Pop and continues to play with his cars.

Rea can't wait to tear into her gifts.

 We let Rea open her gifts before dinner... It stopped the incessant "Is it time now to open presents?"

Thank you to all of our family who came to celebrate Rea's special day! She loved having everyone there... and Rea has really enjoyed all of her wonderful gifts! I would especially like to thank my mom, who graciously volunteered to house our party and spent a lot of time making that delicious horse cake!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Rea!

Our lives changed for the better 4 years ago when we welcomed Rea into the world! It has been such a blessing to watch her grow. We thank God everyday for Rea.

We are having a family dinner for Rea's birthday tonight and I will post pics of her special day later. For now, I thought it would be nice to stroll down memory lane.

Christmas - Really preggers and uncomfortable

Shane got a lot of pink that year!
Our first family photo
Super excited aunts (and Gustav)
Rea's 1 month old!
Happy 1st birthday!
Happy 2nd birthday!

Look at me! I'm 3!