Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What started out so normal...

Even though Ri caught a cold on Wednesday (just a cold, no ear infection said the doc), and even though he graciously passed the cold to me, the kids and I along with my mom were going along with our weekend as planned.

The plan included: [1] Pick Rea up from school on Friday [2] Drive to G-ville [3] Deliver frames to the University of Florida's football department [4] Spend the night at Aunt Jack's [5] Stop at Disney on the way home Saturday and see Aunt Steph.

Not a bad weekend if I do say so myself. Business mixed with pleasure and the munchkins get to go along for the ride. =)

Well, like I said, Ri gave his cold to me on Thursday. I almost nixed the entire trip because I had such an uncomfortable night snuggle-buggin' with the sick little dude. But, I really needed to deliver the frames... and we were all looking forward to seeing Jack and Steph... not to mention D-I-S-N-E-Y. Shane and I decided that it would be in our best interest if I got a hotel room this time. Jack has dogs, and I am very allergic to them. I thought a hotel room would be a good way to fight off the cold moving into my chest and upsetting my asthma. I was wrong.

Anyway, Gainesville was fun. I mean, I was a disaster... hardly remember it. Couldn't drive - had to have Mom do it. I was in a total head-fog. The head congestion was killing me. By the time I woke up on Saturday, most of the congestion had moved into my chest, so I tried that Mucinex (sp?) stuff... All that did was push the crap out of my chest and back into my head. Fun.

I went back and forth many times about whether or not we should even stop at Disney. It was probably a complete waist of brain time... of course we went.

Disney was great. For about 15 mintues. Then the wicked clouds rolled in. Naturally, we laughed. I mean we are Floridians... we know how fast summer storms can roll in. And I think it was our time to get wet. We have been to Disney about 70 times in the last 4 years, and I think it has only rained on us 1 other time. Not bad odds. Nothing to complain too much about.

The kids had a blast either way. We ate at the Contemporary. Rode the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom (this is when the storm rolled in). Went on the Haunted Mansion and Pirates. Rea had her heart set on Splash Mountain again, but the bad weather forced Disney to shut those rides down.

I LOVE that Ri is doing his Daddy's silly pose without being asked to... =)

Tired girl... Won't pose

Keeping an eye on those monorails

Rea couldn't be less interested that we are on the monorail right now.

On the other hand, Ri couldn't be MORE excited!

Check out that stylish group!!

I guess we spent about 3-4 hours there. But it was plenty of time. Both kids were passed out before we made it off property.

Actually, I felt pretty good while we were there.... most of Saturday was ok for me. Then we got home. When I climbed up the stairs to our living room, I lost all of my breath. It was like my asthma said, "I'm baaaaaaccckkk." I looked at Shane and said, "I think I am going to have to go to the hospital soon." Shane laughed. (he should know better)

Sunday morning, I called my parents and asked for a ride to the hospital (Shane was working, not being stubborn). Mom took the munchkins to church. Dad and I left for the ER. Shane met us over there shortly after we arrived.

I was expecting the normal routine. Asthma has been my life for the past 25 years. I went to the ER for a breathing treatment, some steroid pills for home, and another inhaler Rx. I got a lot more than that. After the first breathing treatment, my heart rate went up. This is pretty normal. Usually about 30-60 minutes after, it will come back down to normal. Mine didn't. It stayed in the 120-140 range... I was put through a few different tests, given some meds to lower my heart rate. Nothing worked. So about 6 hours after arriving, I was admitted to the hospital.

Rea came to visit after school on Monday - best part of my day

So sweet

Ri is wearing Rea's snazzy Sketchers

Here I remained for 3 days... My heart still beats like crazy if I try to move around too much. But I can breathe. =) The meds took a few days to kick in, but they seem to be working. I am still struggling to be my normal self. It will just take some time - and that's the most frustrating part: waiting.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We Have Entered "School Age"

It is finally here! I cannot believe it! My baby started school today!


We all went to bed early last night (like we have been practicing and discussing for a month). After laying in bed for about 10 minutes, right before I was going to be overtaken by exhaustion, I realized I never set the alarm. Oops. So I did. 6:30am was going to be early!

Ri decided 6:30 would be cutting it too close, so he woke me up at 6:23am. Thanks Bud. You know, I could've really used those extra 7 minutes.

Anyway, I got Ri out of bed. Changed his diaper. Stood at the end of my bed (yes, Rea ends up in our bed each night). Said, "Rea, it's time to get up for school." She shot up like a rocket.

I could tell she was feeling a little apprehensive. The girl who does NOT stop talking didn't have much of anything to say as she picked at her breakfast. The girl who drinks close to half a gallon of chocolate milk each day maybe had 3 sips. But she trudged through. We got dressed, fix hair, packed snacks. And then it was picture time!
Daddy helping Rea put her socks on

Ugh. Camera fogged.

But she is SO cute!!

Ri is trying to run after a school bus...

Proud Dadden

I am so proud of my girl!

One of my all-time fave pics!

In front of the school bell

Heading to class with Dadden

Rea found her plant (the one from Open House)

What a trooper! Rea started to lighten up when we got to the school. I think the first day excitement really began to sink in. And she just went with it.

Mrs. Danyali - Rea's homeroom teacher

Picking out a cubby for her backpack and lunchbox

Rea is telling her teacher who her family members are

The family wall

Best family moment!

She is wiping my kiss off... =)

We counted down the minutes till we could pick her up.
Rea's art project

Being a stinker at lunch... We went to Cheeseburgers & More for food and games

Rea was so tired, she was not interested in posing for my pictures

Riding the carousel in a daze

Totally passed out after lunch. 

 Overall, the day was a success! Shane & I are SO proud of our big girl!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Open House - Big Success

Well, it's that time of year. Public schools in our county started back today. This is the 2nd year that I have not been there, and I don't miss it at all. But this year is a little different. Rea starts school too. She is attending a local private school and since she is only 3, they are stagger-starting. Her first day is Wednesday. Although honestly, she would go today if I would send her.

Last night was Open House. Rea was over-the-moon excited to attend! It was hard for me to believe that we have reached this step already. I still vividly remember being preggers, eating dinner at PF Changs the night before she was born, the first time I saw her, the day we brought her home from the hospital... and so on.
At PF Changs celebrating Mom's bday (Rea was born the next morning)
Our first official meeting

Already my fave girl!

Tears fill my eyes when I think about what Wednesday is going to feel like for me. I know Rea will be fine (she didn't want us to stay at Open House last night). And I will put on a strong face in case she has even the smallest bit of fear.

Last night she was a champ. The kids got a "passport" with all 5 teachers on it. They had to travel around to the different stations, meet each teacher, perform the little activity, and get the teacher to stamp their passports. Rea LOVED it! She actually woke up talking about the plant she planted with her science teacher. =)
She kept cleaning off her fingers in the water bowl =)

Picking the seeds up from the teacher

Shape corner - Surprise! Rea picked only the green shapes.

Peeling stickers for the sailor cap... 

But once we got in the car, the stickers came off the hat and were used like tattoos. 

I can't wait to watch her grow this year.