Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Sunday

I know, I know... I am slow getting these things on the blog. But I'm busy.

Shane had to work again this Easter. The kids and I woke up and ran downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny made it to our house. He had! So the munchkins tore through their Easter baskets. Our Easter Bunny always brings bathing suits. This year was no different, he even brought towels for the kiddos too!

Rea looked over her new suits (she got 2) and towel. Then she kind of chuckled. I said, "What's up? Don't you like the stuff the Easter Bunny brought you?"

She said, "Yeah I do. Hey... I didn't know that the Easter Bunny shops at Target! That's funny!"

After the munchkins ate enough chocolate to crack them out for church, we got dolled up in our Easter best and headed off for Sunday morning worship. We don't have a yard, so the Easter Bunny always takes our eggs to my mom's house.

I am always in charge of the deviled eggs... this year, thanks to Pinterest, I thought it would be fun to jazz them up a bit! Rea and Ri helped me. They are such wonderful little helpers (sometimes).

The egg hunt was a success. I thought Rea would be the kid who enjoyed it the most, but once Ri figured out what he was supposed to do, he was off like a bandit trying to collect all the eggs. Rea only wanted the real eggs, not the candy-filled plastic ones. Silly girl.

Lunch was delish. Not a surprise there. But still nice to report.

Fist-bumping Zach

My attempt at a nice pic for Shane... Not quite what I had in mind. 

Mom... always watching over Dad's shoulder to make sure he's doing it right. =)

Rea thought the table needed a little rearranging. And since she is the boss of holiday decorations, she is permitted to make any changes. 

Ri & Pop

Me & Barney Stinson (aka Steph) 

Silly boy with no pants on! =)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter is Almost Here!

This was the first year that we dyed Easter eggs as a family. Last year, Rea & I stuffed the fake, plastic ones with candy and the Easter Bunny took them to Grammie's house. 

This year we went all out and did both! Woo hoo! Watch out!-- Mother of the Year right here. 

Anyway, both kids loved it. And so did I. It was fun and messy. 

The Michael Jackson egg - Rea's imaginary friend

Mommy Loves Her Babies egg

Daddy's a Goofball egg 
Ri's egg

Rea's egg
Ri had a blast dropping the eggs into the plastic cups. He was tossing them like basketballs into the cups. The dye was going everywhere! 

Rea was very methodical about the whole thing. She would draw a design or write a name with the white crayon, then carefully decide which color it should be based on the egg's design and purpose. She also kept saying, "Ri, you can't have these. You can't eat them, ok? There's egg in eggs and you are allergic." hahahaha

So, these eggs will sit on our counter in their bowl until late Saturday night. At that time the Easter Bunny will drop off the Easter baskets and take the eggs off to Grammie's house again. I think the Easter Bunny is going to appreciate next year, when we are living at Grammie's... =)