Sunday, November 27, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For...

Shane has worked the past few years on Thanksgiving, so the kids and I usually head out of town for turkey day. We spent the last 2 or 3 years at my sister's house in G-ville. But she didn't want us there this year. =)

So we packed up and headed to the "happiest place on earth." This time we stayed at the Bay Lake Towers (the Vacation Club place next to the Contemporary). Ri was in HEAVEN! He mostly stood by the window and watched the monorails (or as he calls them "wad-a-wees").

Ri is ready and waiting... 

Ri oversees the action

Rea is gpa's best little helper. 

Ri thinks that if he gets into the plane it might speed things along. 

Rea is actually in the plane, while gpa and Ri pull the plane out. 

The copilot is ready for takeoff

Thanksgiving Day:

Mom spent a LONG time getting dinner ready...
Doesn't it look amazing???

Woo... That was exhausting!

Grammie and her sous chef

Kid's plate

Mom's secret... This year we went awesome!

Can you smell that? It's our entire Thanksgiving meal in the oven at once!

Oh, except these 2... we microwaved them. =)

After round 1, we wandered around the resort...

And then it ended... and we had to go back home.

We are truly a blessed family. And we had such a great Thanksgiving! We hope you did too.