Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun at Carbomb Field

One Saturday we invited ourselves over to the Moon's for some fun in the sun and kiddie pool. =)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boy Meets Muffin

Every now and then I like to pretend that I am Suzzy Homemaker. This morning was one of those days.

So I made muffins! Delicious banana, walnut & chocolate chip muffins to be exact.

Both kids get pretty excited when the muffins go in the oven. But usually I make blueberry ones. So today was a big shock for them. And I can't tell if Ri approved.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quick Trip to Tennessee

Too quick. I LOVE TN! I don't really know what it is... maybe the beautiful brick homes... but every single time I visit Tennessee I leave wishing I was going to move there.

This trip was no exception. I have only been home for a few hours and have already checked out some real estate websites for properties in the handful of neighborhoods I love. Luckily, I have very expensive taste. Because my dream home costs WAY more than we could even dream about right now, I will not be cutting a down payment check anytime soon.

So, this Florida resident blogs again.

The kids and I hitched a ride in the plane with my parents and grandparents. This past weekend was my cousin Sam's high school graduation.

I can't believe she actually graduated. I mean, I can't believe that much time has gone by... there was never a question of her ability to earn a diploma. =) Anyway, Sammy's graduation made me feel old. I have 2 kids. I have been married for (almost) 5 years. I own a property that we rent out. I own a business. I drive a minivan! But still, this made me feel aged.

I remember when Sammy was born. I was so excited to have a baby in the family. We had been going through a baby-dryspell since my sister was born. And, at 13, I really loved babies. So Sammy was a very welcome addition to the family.

Sidenote: My cousin Chris was born 10 days after Sammy. His graduation party is in 2 or 3 weeks. I will be blogging about him later. But he was also a very loved new member of the family.
I know this picture was used in a previous entry, but all three babies are included here. My sister is in the middle holding Chris (left) & Sammy (right).

Back to the reason for blogging.

The flight was great! No surprise there. The kids were fantastic as usual. They are both professional flyers.

We had a headwind from Valdosta to TN, so that added an extra 30-40 minutes. The kiddies and I played around with our iPad. I am SO in love with my iPad. I do not know how parents did anything before all this technology was available. A favorite App on the plane is Photo Booth.

Before we took off from PBG, Enterprise Rental Cars called my dad's cell to confirm that we were still heading into town and that they will leave the van at the airport. Dad said yes. So, when we got to TN, we expect to pick up the keys and drive the car out onto the tarmac. The guy at the airport says, "No rental cars have been dropped off today."

As I mentioned before, we had a headwind. And we touched down much later than we were planning to. And Tennessee is an hour behind us in time. My kids were starving! So Mom called Deb (Sam's mom) and asked her to come get the kids and my grandparents. Dad was at the counter with the airport guy as the airport guy called Enterprise.

The Enterprise guy came into the airport at the exact moment my Aunt Deb did. And the guy acted like we should kiss the ground he walked on for even coming to get us in the first place. No one puckered up. This guy was barking up the wrong family tree.

We decided to send the oldest and Rea with Deb. They would go to Chilis and wait for us. Mom, Dad, Ri and I rode with the Enterprise man to the store to pick up the car that should have been waiting for us. Once there, Mom and Dad went in. I stayed outside with Ri. I knew he would only distract everyone from the butt-chewing my Dad was going to give (and that they all deserved).

Eventually Mom came out to join us. She recounted a funny story to me. I am going to recount it here for you. (I am taking creative liberties here)

Enterprise Idiots (there were 2): "I just don't know why the car was supposed to be there. We have no recollection of that plan here."

Dad: "Yes, you knew it was supposed to be at the airport. I specifically asked for that when I made the reservation in the first place. AND you guys called me this morning to confirm leaving the car there!"

Enterprise Idiot #1: "haha. Sir, no one from this company called to confirm anything. You must be mistaken."

Dad: "So, this number (he shows cell phone) means nothing to you??? You have never seen this number before??"

Enterprise Idiot #1: "No sir. Not us."

Enterprise Idiot #2: Looks wide-eyed at the phone. Turns a shade more pink.

Dad: "So, what will happen if I call this number? Want me to?"

#2: "Uh, no.... it's ok. You don't have to do that."
#1: "Sure, call it."

So Dad pushes CALL. The phone on the desk in front of them rings. #1 answers: "Enterprise Rental Car. How can I help you?"

Dad: on phone "Yeah, hi. You called me this morning!"

Enterprise did NOTHING to make up for their screw up! They did NOTHING to compensate the ridiculous inconvenience that this was! So the moral of this story is: NEVER USE ENTERPRISE RENTAL CAR!!!!

We didn't even see Sam until Saturday actually. She was so busy with track and graduation stuff. So we hung out with her little bro Alex (and Deb & Percy were there too). Fortunately, Rea LOVES Alex. And, even though it pains me to compliment him, I have to say Alex was AWESOME with Rea all weekend! All she wanted to do was follow him around and play with him.... He never complained. He just took care of her. I am incredibly grateful.
LaLa & Pop with the kids

Rea loves to be Grandpa's copilot. And with her carseat, she could see so much better.

Rea riding on Alex's back.

Time for a little Guitar Hero

Future rock stars??

Saturday was Graduation Day! YAY!

Rea is pretty excited.

Sammy and Rea

Proud grandparents

Much fun was had with the balloons

All the fun was too much for Ri. He passed out on the way to the ceremony.

My sweet little boo.

These 2 are really becoming funny buddies.

It's official! 

YAY! Proud Mom & grad

Proud Dad & grad

The ceremony was at MTSU's basketball arena. The only notable thing about that place is that there is NO AC!!! WHAT?!?!? Are you crazy?! Sam's graduating class had just over 500 seniors. Sweltering is probably the best adjective I could use, but even so, it doesn't seem to do quite enough.

As a former teacher, I have been to plenty of commencement ceremonies. The speeches are always the same ("Wow, I can't believe we made it!" "Seems like only yesterday we were dorky freshmen." etc). And this one was not much different, except that there were 13 speeches. That's right, 13! How is it even possible to have 20 Valedictorians???

Then it was over. And we were off to Deb's for the party. =)