Sunday, May 8, 2011

Killer Weekend with the Dod-Squad

Shane and I had such an amazing weekend. There is no possible way to write about all that happened, plus I don't want to share everything with the blogging world. The pictures should do the weekend some justice.
A Rascal Flatts autographed guitar... SO amazing! Those guys are my favorite band!

This is the actual uniform that Tebow wore in week 17. It was auctioned off on Friday night. 

I am so glad Shane could join me this weekend. It was great to get away. =)

The creepy 3 men prom pose. Sorry Steve, I don't know where you were when this happened.

Danny, Momma D & Jim - We love you guys! 

This pic is for Pete. Gotta love Tom Kite.

The man of the hour. It was so nice of Timmy to match my outfit.

Oh Timmy, you are so cuddly. =)

Fred Durst, lead singer of Limp Bizkit 

Hee Hee... I LOVE him! Mom, we told him how much you love him. This pic is for you. 

This is the hat Fred was signing in a picture above. It was also auctioned off for The Tim Tebow Foundation. Shane did not win this item. =(

Shane & Jim

Shane & Scott Van Pelt (ESPN) - SVP is a fantastic word nerd. 

Finally, a fellow Nole. Christian Ponder is awesome! 

Yay! A picture with Danny Wuerffel.

Me and Richie McDonald. The former lead singer of Lone Star put on a private concert after dinner. 

We decided to have a little fun on the red carpet before heading to the after party.

Danny works a red carpet better than I do. 

This is a piece of the floor from the O-Dome. No one in this photo won this item at auction. 

The Dod-Squad and then some. (L to R: Shane, Jim, Dan, Jason & Steve)
Other photos were taken using a friend's camera. As soon as I get those, I will upload them to this entry.

Friday night was a huge success: Tebow's foundation raised a lot of money for its wonderful cause.

Saturday was a celebrity golf tournament at TPC Sawgrass.
The weather was PERFECT! Gorgeous day for golf.

Players getting ready

Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow, one of the Pounceys, & Mr. Tebow

Both Pounceys were terrible! One fan watching the practice shots shouted, "Hey, maybe you should try your hand at football!" Hahaha.

The backside of Danny Wuerffel

Christian Ponder in the white shirt

Fred Durst, looking lovely in teal

John Lynch & Danny Wuerffel

Our cameraman Jason, Tim Tebow, Steve & Dan Dodson

All of the celebrities who came out to support the Tim Tebow Foundation

Fred Taylor and Will Muschamp

Adrian Peterson & Dan Dodson

Steve ("Grip") & Jason

Tim on the first hole

A decent number of fans followed Tebow's group around all day

Robby Tebow in the sand

Tim Tebow takes his turn

David Garrard (grey shorts)

This guy has the longest shot 

Steve decided to add "Photographer" to his resume

One of the groups - Garrard in middle & Richie McDonald at far right

Check out the camouflaged cell tower 

Jason Myer - Awesome guy, awesome photographer

Momma D and the Pounceys

Maurkice & Mike Pouncey with Jim Dodson

Shane loves these guys too

Dan Dodson with the Pouncey twins

Fred Taylor

Brandon Spikes' group (minus Brandon Spikes)

Jim, Shane & Martin

Dan takes a turn at the FRS hole

Looks good... 

... but he "brings shame to the Dodson name" (his words, not mine)

Notice the adorable fan/daughter on the green

She watches patiently (and silently) as her daddy putts

Julia is easily the cutest thing on the course.

Coach Muschamp listens to the rules at the Speed Hole

Daddy Tebow is very competitive... he is making sure his team is ready to MOVE, MOVE, MOVE when he finishes his shot.


Adrian Peterson takes a shot

Then he takes care of some business with Jim

I think this one speaks for itself. 

Steve is in the middle of Tebow's strategy session at the Speed Hole

Pretty nice photo if I do say so myself

Jason Taylor hitches a ride on the back of his golf cart 

Boomer & Adrian Peterson

Momma Durst - showing her support

Fred Durst wrote "golf sucks" on her sign =)

We would like to thank our boys at Palm Beach Autographs and The Tim Tebow Foundation for two unbelievably fun days!