Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Two things to share. Both I found funny.

First, Rea came home with a spiral notebook in her backpack. I had never seen it before. Apparently they have them at school... not sure what the total point is or when they are allowed to draw/write in them. Anyway, I flipped through the book. Honestly I wanted to see how often I appear in it. Yeah, narcissistic, I know. Whatever. I own it.

About halfway through I found this gem:

I asked Rea what it was. She laughed and said "Oh I drew a picture of Grandpa dropping me on my head." She didn't give any reason other than she was thinking about it and drew it. I laughed.

For those who don't know, this actually happened. Almost a year ago on a trip to Georgia and North Carolina. It was an accident and all is well. Added bonus, the ER in po-dunk GA is actually pretty good.

Ok, next story.

Buddy and I were just chilling for a minute. He looked at me and said "Your Dad is so funny."
 I said, "Yeah, he is."
Buddy, "Your Mom is not that funny."
I laughed and asked, "Wait, are you talking about me and Dad or Grammie and Grandpa?"
Buddy, "Grammie and Grandpa. That's your Mom and your Dad. That's what I said."
Me, "You don't think Grammie is funny?"
Buddy ponders this for a minute, "Ummm.... No, not really. Not like your Dad. He's funny."
Me, "Why do you keep calling them that?"
Buddy, "That's who they are."
Me, "True, but they are also your Grammie and your Grandpa. So you can call them that."
Buddy, "Huh, that's totally true Mom. You are smart."
Me, "Smart but not funny?"
Buddy, "Right. Grandpa is funny."

Well there you have it.